Heart Radio Happy Summer Days Branding & Campaign

Heart Radio is a leading UK radio network operated by Global. In 2017 they enlisted content agency Trigger to launch their nationwide summer campaign/promotion & competition, ‘Heart’s Happy Summer Days’.

Trigger asked Brand to Mouth to design branding for the promotion, and marketing materials for the campaign. This would include templates, social media content and motion graphics.

The brief called for an exploration of fun, accessible summer-themed imagery, presented in a way sympathetic to the Heart brand.

With no scope for new photography, any creative marketing would have to focus on graphics, typography or copy.

  • Create a Happy Summer Days logo & brand.
  • Deliver templates for digital & social media.
  • Create a campaign for the promotion.

Brand to Mouth delivered an on-message brand and campaign, helping Heart earn the engagement of their audience in the thousands.


Creative Direction
Social Media & Digital Asset Creation
Motion Graphics


"Once again Brand to Mouth worked with us to bring the feel good vibes to Heart’s on-air summer competition across social and online."


Tom Maverly

Co-Founder - Trigger

Happy trails

After discussing the objectives and deliverables of the campaign, we began creating concepts for the main ‘Happy Summer Days’ campaign logo.

Our final design depicted a summer-style scene within a circular lockup device in Heart’s signature red. The title in slanted copy breaking through the boundary, and providing a dynamic element to the mark.


As many entities would be deploying the campaign after launch (from agencies to local offices nationwide), we developed full brand guidelines in support.

Building to a head

We then took the logo concept into the basis of our campaign idea. As no bespoke photography was available for the promotion, we proposed an approach around this. The campaign would be instead driven by copy, using headlines that would play on the central themes of the promotion – summer and money.

We wrote dozens of headlines for this purpose, and these were whittled down to a final selection. These made up the social media content for the campaign launch phase.

Moving along

After the branding and launch materials were established, we moved on to the main campaign phase.

For this outreach, something more dynamic than typography was needed. We came up with an illustration style that felt appropriate to the ethos of the promotion – fun, bright and accessible. We combined this style with the typographical executions from the previous phase.


We then developed the illustration concept into motion graphics, videos and animated GIFs. The launch-stage GIFs were typographical, while the main campaign GIFs featured animated illustrations.

This content was used across Heart’s social media platforms, and YouTube pre-roll advertising.

Heart Happy Summer Days launch GIFs
Heart Happy Summer Days main campaign GIFs

We also created additional videos for on-air radio support, and a ‘Winner’s Story’ depicting a successful contestant’s experience.

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