Natasha Sackey Dance Therapy Branding & Website

Natasha Sackey is a Dance Movement Psychotherapist, Creative Producer, Facilitator, Project Developer, and Fellow at The RSA (Royal Society of Arts). In establishing her private practice, Brand to Mouth was asked to develop branding and the website.

  • Create new logo & brand identity for Natasha Sackey Ltd.
  • Create brand & style guidelines.
  • Design stationery.
  • Draft website copy, headlines and content.
  • New website development using a customised WordPress theme.

Brand to Mouth created a unique and on-brief identity, well-received throughout Natasha’s audience.


I have the best ongoing relationship with Brand to Mouth for all my brand and marketing needs. I really struggled when I first started to think about having a website.. I found the whole prospect overwhelming. Two years ago Brand to Mouth guided me through the process of branding and building my website. I didn’t have any ideas or a strong vision... none! I just knew how I wanted it to feel.. I wanted it to represent me, my energy and my work. From the logo to layout, their ability to conceptualise my thoughts was amazing. I felt understood in design and understood in my aspirations and future goals... I wholeheartedly recommend them.

natasha sackey

Natasha Sackey

Founder, Natasha Sackey Ltd


Logo Design
WordPress Website Development

Initial ideas

The brief was to create branding that instilled trust, and positioned Natasha as a reputable and credible practitioner.

The branding needed to be strong and professional, yet approachable and nurturing.

We began the project with a client strategy session. We identified what Natasha’s overall business goals were, and the values the brand needed to embody.

Our start point for the logo design was the use of Natasha’s initials. As so much of this therapy is dependant on trust, we wanted the mark to reflect a personal connection.


Hands on

The client selected our first option, featuring a stylised ‘N’ in the shape of hands.

The logo is unique and ownable, and captures the essence of the brand and the Natasha herself. Combined with a strong sans-serif typeface (Gotham), the logo is both solid and ethereal, professional and yet personal.

An additional five-colour palette was developed, featuring colours appropriate for a therapeutic practise focusing on movement and connection.

The main Natasha Sackey logo would ideally be presented either in the main colour-way, or in black or white, but the secondary palette made up the wider identity. This would be a core part of the website and offline materials.

For the business cards, the client supplied a selection of phrases that encapsulated her values in an approachable way. Using the secondary palette, we printed 5 versions of her cards, each with a different phrase.

The brief for the website was to create a platform that built on the values we established for the Natasha Sackey branding. The site needed to ensure a consistent, trustworthy brand voice.

The client wanted to manage, amend and update the site in-house, therefore we proposed using the WordPress platform. This would ensure robust functionality, and a user-friendly content management system.

We set out a structure for the site, refining the messaging throughout. Then we selected a suitable WordPress theme, and customised it extensively to fit the new branding. We worked with the client to craft and develop content for each page, from graphics to copy.

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